Friday October 7, 2022
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Injunction Against “New” Board of Trustees

Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd issued an injunction against Governor Bevin’s newly appointed University of Louisville Board of Trustees.  Since the “new” board accepted the resignation of UofL President James Ramsey before the injunction was announced, the decision will stand. The injunction is temporary and will restore the “old” Board of Trustees until the lawsuit against Governor Bevin by Attorney General Andy Beshear is settled.

The injunction was granted, in part, because the SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), the agency that provides UofL’s accreditation,  before the executive order, and  the Governor’s interpretation of the statue was incorrect (despite the information that former Attorney General Jack Conway wrote the opinion that the Governor used). Judge Shepherd’s opinion also states that he does not believe that the Governor showed enough evidence to support the change without going through normal channels to remove board members.

The decision will be appealed according the the Governor’s office and will likely go to the Kentucky Supreme Court for a decision before the lawsuit is settled.

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