Thursday June 1, 2023
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County Attorney’s Annual Delinquent Child Support List Released

County Attorney’s annual list has netted $14.8 million in 10 previous years

ChildSupportListJefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell today announced the eleventh publication of delinquent child support obligors is now printed in The Courier-Journal and the full list is available online.

The Child Support Division has collected $14.8 million, sent wage withholding orders to 11,029 employers and found 18,266 new addresses directly attributable to the lists printed each year since 2005.

“Children are our community’s most precious asset,” said O’Connell. “All of us in Jefferson County – parents, family members, employers and concerned citizens – can play a role in tracking down those who are not fulfilling their obligations to their kids.”

This year’s list of 4,034 names can be found online at Only 538 names appear in the printed insert, with this year’s focus on some of the county’s newest child support orders and those with recent court action.

“The nearly 200 employees in our child support division have a singular focus: connecting kids and families to the money that is rightfully theirs. Early intervention and proactive communication with parents owing support gives them a better understanding of their responsibilities and helps collect the financial support crucial to the futures of these children.”

Child support collection is one of the public’s most cost-effective programs. For every $1 spent, federal child support programs collect $5.25. In Kentucky that figure rises to $6.45 for every $1 spent.

Anyone with information that could help locate someone on the list should call 574-0821 or email  

2016 Child Support Delinquent Obligor Fact Sheet

  • Total Names on List:                                     4,034
  • Names in Printed Insert:                              538
  • Total arrearage Insert and website:           $91,212,844.06
  • Males owe:                                                       $86,172,671.08
  • Highest Male arrearage:                               $ 250,157.94
  • Females owe:                                                  $3,450,176.70
  • Highest Female arrearage:                          $64,934.43
  • Females make up 9 percent of the list this year

Insert History

  • Ten previous annual inserts have collected $14.8 million
  • Last year’s insert collected more than $1.2 million

General Child Support Information

  • 188 Child Support employees
  • 14 attorneys
  • $68 million collected last year (17% of state’s total child support collections)
  • 54,915 open cases
  • Only office in the state with a dedicated cash window, located at 315 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd.
  • Only office in the state with child support detectives (eight).

Authority: KRS 405.411

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services’ designee under KRS 205.712(6) for…

the administration of child support may compile a list of the names of persons under its jurisdiction who have a child support arrearage that equals or exceeds six (6) months without payment, or fails, after receiving appropriate notice, to comply with subpoenas or warrants relating to paternity or child support proceedings as provided by 42 U.S.C. sec. 666(a)(16). The cabinet may furnish this list to the newspaper of general circulation in that county for publication.

General Criteria for both lists

Each year the theme and/or dollar amount will change but the following criteria is used on a yearly basis.

  • Child support arrearage that equals or exceeds 6 months without a payment
  • Open IV-D case (a person has applied for our services)
  • Obligor is not incarcerated
  • The case is not pending closure
  • The obligor does not receive Supplement Social Security Income (SSI) as far as we know
  • At least one of the obligor’s cases has been audited
  • Mother and child reside in Jefferson County

For 2016, Obligors in the printed insert have had orders entered in court or enforcement action taken between January 1, 2013 and November 30, 2015 and a delinquency of at least $1,000.

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