Sunday April 21, 2024
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Court Rules in Favor of Gov. Matt Bevin in Workers’ Compensation Nominating Committee Lawsuit

Today, Gov. Matt Bevin’s executive order reorganizing the former seven-person Workers’ Compensation Nominating Commission, which resulted in a five-member board with all new members, was upheld by the Franklin Circuit Court. This decision further supports that the Governor has the legal authority to reorganize executive boards.

“Today’s court order is welcome news, as Kentuckians were really beginning to feel the pain of not being able to move forward with their workers’ comp claims,” said Communications Director Amanda Stamper. “This order will allow the newly formed Workers’ Compensation Nominating Committee to proceed to meet and make its nominations so Gov. Bevin may begin appointing administrative law judges to fill positions that have been vacant for far too long.”

In June, the Governor’s Office determined that greater efficiency and improved administration would be achieved by streamlining and condensing the organizational structure of the Workers’ Compensation Nominating Commission.

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