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Treasurer Allison Ball Returns Over $87,000 To Kentucky Easter Seal Society

Photo: State Treasurer website

Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball returned $87,477.23 worth of unclaimed property to the Kentucky Easter Seal Society on Thursday morning.

“I am a big believer in property rights,” Treasurer Ball said in a statement. “One of my favorite things to do in government is to return people’s property back to them. I’m thankful my office is able to play a role in returning money to this organization.”

The Treasurer has proactively returned $47,332.62 worth of unclaimed property to Fayette County during the first quarter of 2017. This initiative proactively searches for unclaimed property in three key areas: local government, schools, and charities.  That money can go a long way in helping charities around the Commonwealth.

“Easter Seals Cardinal Hill appreciates the work done by Treasurer Allison Ball and the Unclaimed Property Division to return these funds for our organization,” Executive Director Jenny Wurzback stated.  “This will be a great help as we continue our mission of Taking on Disabilities Together!”

The Kentucky State Treasurer administers Kentucky’s Unclaimed Property Fund. Unclaimed property generally consists of payroll checks, unclaimed safety deposit boxes, old life insurance policies, stocks, or vendor checks that have remained unclaimed by their owners after several years.

Since Treasurer Ball has taken office, the Unclaimed Property Division has been working on proactively seeking schools, local governments, and charities in the state that have unclaimed property. This first quarter alone, the division was able to proactively return a total $264,809.39 across the Commonwealth.

“Proactively reaching out to schools, local governments, and charities has been a priority of mine since taking office,” Treasured Ball shared. “It’s important to make sure these groups are aware that they have unclaimed property and we get it returned quickly.  These institutions are essential to local communities and any bit of money we can return to them can go a long way in strengthening the local economy.”

In total, Treasurer Ball has returned over $5.9 million dollars of unclaimed property during the first quarter of 2017 and over $30 million since she took office.

To check for unclaimed property, please visit www.treasury.ky.gov.

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