Thursday June 13, 2024
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Secretary Grimes Statement on Presidential Election Commission’s Second Meeting

Photo: Secretary of State website

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is conducting its second meeting this morning in New Hampshire. Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes released the following statement:

“As the President’s election integrity commission meets for the second time today, I remain vehemently opposed to its early actions to suppress voters and its leaders’ blatant peddling of lies regarding our elections. This continues to be a commission seeking fiction rather than fact to support the myth that ‘millions’ voted illegally in last year’s election.

“It’s time for the President to either decide to work with the dedicated election officials across this country who seek to improve our elections and make it easier for all Americans to access the ballot box or to put an end to this sham. If the President is truly interested in solving the issues facing elections, he should start with Russian interference, which is undisputed by U.S. intelligence; harmful voter suppression laws and proposals; and a true effort to end the gerrymandering that negatively impacts all voters, but especially minorities.

“We will soon learn the real truth about whether the President and his commission are interested in real election integrity or obstructing the voting rights of millions of Americans.”

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