Wednesday May 12, 2021
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Mayor Greg Fischer proclaims October 5 as Energy Efficiency Day

Joining with other cities and organizations across the country, Mayor Greg Fischer has proclaimed October 5 as Energy Efficiency Day to bring attention to the benefits of being energy efficient including utility bill cost savings, support of a thriving clean energy sector, reduction of emissions and improvement of air quality. Saving energy means saving money.

“Upgrades in energy efficiency in the workplace, the home or commercial business reduces energy bills and improves environmental health,” Fischer said. “The city continues to take steps to increase energy efficiency in its buildings so that less money is needed to operate our buildings and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I encourage property owners across the city to consider implementing energy efficiency measures.”

Energy efficiency speaks directly to the Mayor’s sustainability goals to decrease energy use citywide per capita and in city-owned buildings.

Since 2013, the city has conducted significant energy efficiency improvements including lighting and HVAC upgrades, solar panels, and building management system controls, in more than 200 city operated buildings. In 2016, these energy efficiency improvements reduced an amount of carbon emissions equivalent to planting 45,963 trees and removing 3,034 cars from the road.

The city also partners with the Louisville Energy Alliance to promote ENERGY STAR certification for non-residential buildings and launched a cool roof rebate program that can reduce energy costs by up to 10% for the property owner.

Other cities that are joining in Energy Efficiency Day include Chicago, Denver, Memphis, New Orleans, Knoxville, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

If you want like to invest in energy saving methods in your home, workplace or commercial business, please contact the Office of Sustainability at 574-6285 or

To view who else is joining in Energy Efficiency Day, visit

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