Wednesday May 22, 2024
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President James Files Resolution Asking The Planning Commission For A Review Of Temporary Housing

Prompted by concerns over temporary housing in residential areas, President David James (D-6) is calling for a review of the Land Development Code to see if additional standards need to be considered for approval.

Photo: Louisville Metro Council

          “There have been several instances where temporary housing has created issues dealing with nuisances and many are questioning the compatibility of some forms of this type of usage in residential areas and neighborhoods,” said James.

          The President announced the filing of the Resolution during a news conference on Monday where he was joined by the members of the Recovery Housing Task Force.

          “The Recovery Housing Task Force is a group of concerned citizens who meet with the Department of Public Health and Wellness. We took our concerns to President James. Transitional housing recovery housing boarding housing etc. has been a problem that has plagued our community for years,” Kimberly Moore of the Task Force. “We are here today because we want to address the problem. There have been numerous complaints from concerned citizens regarding issues within their community and there is ongoing predatory behavior.”

          The Resolution defines the many forms of temporary housing as: Transitional Housing, Boarding and Lodging Houses, Homeless Shelters, Rehabilitation Houses and Residential Care Facilities (collectively referred to as “Temporary Housing”).

          Several forms of temporary housing are allowed as conditional uses or as permitted use with special standards within certain designated zoning districts.

          The President said the Resolution asks Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services to review the Land Development Code regarding temporary housing in residential zoning districts to consider adoption of additional standards to improve the compatibility of these uses within residential areas. It asks for recommendations that will aid in the enforcement of the regulations to ensure compliance. 

          “I think this kind of review is long overdue considering the various types of temporary housing we have seen over the last several years,” says James. “I am seeking the support of my colleagues to move this forward.”     

          “We are not here today to put anyone out of business or displace individuals, but we are here to tell you that if you are not willing to treat people with respect, compassion and dignity we do NOT want you operating in Metro Louisville,” said Moore. “There will be actions taken if you are operating without proper permits. We are grateful that the County Attorney’s office have become willing to address this problem with us. We look forward to finding solutions to this problem.”

          The Resolution will be assigned to the Metro Council’s Planning and Zoning Committee.

Here is a link to the proposed Resolution:…

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