Sunday May 19, 2024
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Living Green Wall Build In Park DuValle Enhances Quality Of Life And Neighborhood Engagement

Come be a part of the neighborhood project that cleans dense heat & pollution that hurt our health! The Living Green Wall, Park Duvalle, is a major resident-led effort directed by Valarie Franklin in collaboration with artist/organizer Brianna Harlan and the Parkville Neighborhood Association. In 2013, people in the zip codes near Rubbertown were nearly 31- 35% more likely to develop lung and colorectal cancers than those in other Louisville zip codes with similar median incomes because of pollutants. The 7 x 30 ft wall of beautiful succulent plants and moss, to be installed on the west wall of the Southwick Community Center, has the potential benefit of planting 275 trees. Its purpose is to clean and cool pollution and dangerous heat that negatively affect general health. The World Health Organization reports that one third of deaths from strokes, lung cancer, and heart disease are due to air pollution. Dense, extreme heat intensifies the conditions. It will also serve as an educational site for the community on environmental issues, offer a beautiful backdrop for community events, and spell out “UNITY” to foster pride.

Valarie Franklin, after completing the Neighborhood Institute at the Center For Neighborhoods, decided to do something about it. She advocates, “now that we know the importance of green areas for quality of life and health, many cities are trying to make sure that things like green walls, green roofs, gardens, etc. are an essential part of urban planning. I would like to bring these ideas here to Park Duvalle to help improve the air quality.

The cause cannot only be pollution. It could also be other factors, such as genetics and lifestyle. But, if we can help to decrease just one of the contributing factors, we can improve quality of life for those who live within our community.”

At the event on Saturday, the community is invited to come and learn about the Living Green Wall and help assemble it. There will be family activities by Play Cousins Collective, Books & Breakfast, Toni Lynette, Athiri, and the Center For Neighborhoods. All are invited to bring a picnic and celebrate!

The Living Green Wall is sponsored by American Synthetic Rubber Company, The Plant Kingdom, Structorial, and Zeon, in partnership with Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation.

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