Sunday May 19, 2024
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President James Thanks The Community For Helping SWMS Impound 6th Vehicle Of The Year

President David James (D-6) is sending praise to the community for giving an assist to Solid Waste Management Enforcement Officers as they tracked down an impounded the sixth vehicle of 2019 involved in illegal dumping.

“This latest incident shows the community is ready to help SWMS find those who would try to turn our neighborhoods into their own personal dumping grounds,” said the President. “My thanks also to SWMS officers who continue to make illegal dumping a priority”

One of Metro Public Works surveillance cameras captured photos of the individual dumping debris in an alley in District 6. However, what the camera didn’t capture was the license plate on the truck.

The images were sent out in the Works Weeks newsletter from the department, and within the hour, anonymous tips began to pour in.

Officers located the individual who immediately confessed and stated that he was in the wrong and accepted the consequences of his actions. He was issued a citation that totaled $750, and his truck was impounded. He will have to pay approximately $250 in impound fees.

“I have been told this impound would not have happened without the help of every citizen that called to aid in the search. To our community, keep up the good work,” said James.

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