Wednesday May 22, 2024
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IMG_1792Due to the threat of severe weather tomorrow, the scheduled state-wide tornado drill will be postponed.  The storm system moving into the area tomorrow and Wednesday is expected to bring thunderstorms (up to three inches of rain is possible), large hail and strong winds.  Due to the cold front moving, tornadoes are also a possibility.

The National Weather Service (NWS-KY) and the Kentucky Emergency Alert System (EAS) will be conducting the tornado drill this Friday, March 3rd at 10:07 AM EST.  The test will activate the EAS system – the alerts that are heard on radio and television.  You should also expect to hear the outdoor sirens during this time.

Tornado warnings mean that a tornado has already touched ground or it is expected to touch ground very soon.  During a tornado, you should move to the basement or another interior room away from windows.  If possible, a radio should be tuned to the local news or a weather radio station for updates.  For more advice on how to prepare for a tornado or what to do during a tornado, more information can be found on the NWS website.