Wednesday March 29, 2023
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Demolition Work Begins on Non-Historic Exterior of Colonial Gardens

GardensDemoCouncilman Dan Johnson (D-21) is pleased to report to residents along New Cut Road, Kenwood Hill and Iroquois Park that the long awaited demolition has begun on the non-historic sections of Colonial Gardens as part of the renovation and redevelopment work for the facility.

“In partnership with Underhill & Associates, I am pleased that we have finally begun this overdue demolition of this section of Colonial Gardens as a way to improve the overall appearance and stabilization of this historic structure,” said Johnson. “After years of concern, the residents of this area can see we are making progress to revitalize this historical landmark”.”

Earlier this year, the Councilman secured up to $25,000 in the current city budget to provide a better exterior appearance pending the non-historic demolition with things such as better fencing, temporary lighting, and signage for this economic development. Additional funds were also budgeted for roof repairs to the historic structure.

“I cannot wait until Colonial Gardens soon becomes the economic engine of South Louisville,” said Johnson.

After years of neglect, the property was purchased by Metro Louisville in 2013. The following year, the city approved a $1.2 million dollar development to Underhill Associates to commercially develop the property. The agreement calls for development of at least 16,000 square feet of new retail, restaurant and commercial outlets on the property. Colonial Gardens’ critical location across the street from the Iroquois Amphitheater, positions this project as the prime economic development for South Louisville.

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