Friday September 22, 2023
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No Action From Norfolk Southern Railroad On Railroad Crossing Gates In Buechel

Installation was supposed to begin at the end of summer

Councilman Steve Magre (D-10) is expressing his disappointment that another week has passed and there has been no action from the Norfolk Southern Railroad to move forward with the installation of needed railroad crossing gates at a dangerous intersection in the Buechel area.

          “As I have said before the city has done everything it said it would do to make this a reality and the Commonwealth of Kentucky has signed off on an agreement with Norfolk Southern to get this project going,” said Magre. “This delay is inexcusable on the part of Norfolk is just delaying. I think they owe the community an explanation.”

          The railroad crossing gates have been proposed after a series of fatal automobile accidents and injuries at Crawford Avenue and Buechel Avenue. Since 2014, it has been a priority to install the crossing gates.

          Councilman Magre was instrumental in removing a tree near the tracks. Speed bumps have been installed along with new stop signs and new striping on the road. He had hoped gate installation would have begun by the end of summer.

          “It would have been ideal to make the road in question a cul-da-sac but that is not going to happen because of safety reason and concerns expressed by the Buechel Fire Department,” said Magre. “Since that is no longer an option, it is time to move forward with getting these gates installed and running. I would hope Norfolk Southern would get moving with this project because of its importance to the area.”

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