Thursday March 30, 2023
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Louisville Metro Changes Emergency Alerts Provider

CodeRED is Out, Smart911 is In

Smart911In the past, residents of the Greater Louisville Area and Kentuckiana have been able to sign up to receive emergency notifications by email, text, or phone calls through a service called CodeRED.  During emergency situations, subscribers would receive notifications with details about the emergency along with instructions for what to do such as shelter in place or evacuate.

CodeRED’s coverage of the Louisville area will officially terminate tomorrow night, August 16, at midnight and currently subscribed citizens will no longer receive area alerts from that service.  Area residents will still be able to receive alerts, although it requires action.

The new service that will provide emergency alerts involving the Louisville Metro Area is LENSAlert – with LENS short for Louisville Emergency Notification System.  This service is provided through the Smart911 framework.

Those wishing to do so can sign up for LENSAlert by visiting the subscription page here.

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