Sunday April 21, 2024
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Community-Wide Planting Day Works For A Greener Louisville

Brightside will hold its fall planting event Saturday, November 5 in the Parkland neighborhood. Volunteers will join Brightside, who has partnered with the Division of Community Forestry, UPS, Louisville Gas and Electric Company and The Nature Conservancy to plant approximately 120 trees on Virginia Avenue from 26th to 28th Streets.

“There are many benefits to plantings trees and I am glad that Parkland residents will soon be able to enjoy more greenery in their neighborhood,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “Planting trees is a great example of compassion towards our neighbors and the world around us.”

Planting in this area can improve the overall aesthetic for businesses and residents, control storm water runoff, increase property value, reduce urban heat island effect, improve air quality and lower energy costs.

“By going out into the community and planting trees, Brightside hopes to start a ripple effect among residents,” Brightside Director Gina O’Brien said. “Brightside encourages community members to join in on beautifying their own neighborhood.”

Brightside’s recent plantings, as well as those of other Metro and non-profit partners, have been focused in west Louisville, where an increase in tree canopy is needed. In addition to 120 trees planted in Parkland this year, Brightside planted 150 trees on West Broadway in 2015 and 80 trees near Chickasaw Park in 2014.

On Saturday, November 5 at 9 a.m., Brightside will meet volunteers at the corner of 26th & Virginia in front of Pleasant View Missionary Baptist Church. A limited supply of shovels and other tools will be provided by Brightside, but volunteers are encouraged to bring their own tools. All ages are invited to attend the event.

There is still time for volunteers to register. To register, please visit

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