Thursday June 13, 2024
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Treasurer Ball Launches Education Campaign For Financial Literacy

Photo: State Treasurer website

April is financial literacy month in Kentucky, and Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball is launching a digital educational campaign to promote its importance, her office announced Wednesday.

“As a former bankruptcy attorney in Eastern Kentucky, I know how critically important it is for Kentuckians to have a deep understanding of their personal finances,” Treasurer Ball said in a statement. “Financial literacy is a form of financial freedom.  If Kentucky families know how to set budgets, save money, and invest earnings, they can free themselves from potentially tough financial situations.”

The Treasurer’s digital financial literacy education campaign will feature daily social media posts of financial literacy definitions and tips, initiatives in her office, and other informational tools from Treasurer Ball on smart financial decision making.

“This is a quick and easy way to teach people financial literacy basics,” Treasurer Ball said. “This is an opportunity for Kentucky families to learn something new and get a better understanding of how money works.”

Throughout the month long educational campaign, Kentuckians will learn about budgeting, savings, checking credit reports, preventing identify theft and many more important financial resources.

You can follow the educational campaign by liking Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball on Facebook or Twitter.

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