Wednesday February 28, 2024
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Bluegrass Harley-Davidson To Display Muhammad Ali Custom-Made Orange County Chopper

Bluegrass Harley-Davidson and the Muhammad Ali Center are happy to announce a unique collaboration that will allow Harley-Davidson customers, cycle enthusiasts and Ali fans the opportunity to show off a piece of Louisville history.  This weekend, Bluegrass Harley-Davidson will have on display the custom-made Muhammad Ali Orange County Chopper (OCC) at their facility which has previously resided in the Muhammad Ali Center’s Main Lobby.  The public is invited to a special viewing and open house on Saturday, January 6th from 10am-6pm at Bluegrass Harley-Davidson, 11701 Gateworth Way in Louisville and on Sunday, from 12 noon-4pm. Free drinks and appetizers will be available on Saturday.

Due to upcoming Ali Center renovations, the chopper had to be moved and will be placed in secure storage after this weekend until the Ali Center’s upgrades have been completed. Bluegrass Harley-Davidson expedited the transfer of the bike.

The Ali Center’s renovations include a complete redesign of its Main Lobby, the Center’s retail store, and the Group Entrance. These enhancements will provide the Center the opportunity to deliver a better overall visitor experience and more contemporary private event space. Upgrades are expected to take a couple of months.

“We’re extremely excited for the opportunity to show off a Louisville legend’s custom chopper and help the Ali Center with transportation,” said Jordan Monschein of Bluegrass Harley-Davidson.

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