Sunday May 19, 2024
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Metro Council Maintains Current Zoning For Property On South Third Street

By a vote of 18 to 2, the Louisville Metro Council on Thursday night retained the current zoning for property at the corner of South Third Street and Kingston Avenue by overturning a recommendation from the Louisville Metro Planning Commission.

“I would like to thank my colleagues for this vote,” said Councilman Vitalis Lanshima (D-21).  “Serious public safety concerns were raised by the people who live in the area. Because of those concerns I asked that the current zoning be maintained.”

The property in question is located at 5024 and 5026 South Third Street and 307 Kingston Avenue. A drive thru pharmacy was planned for the property which is currently zoned OR-1 Office/Residential and R-7 Multi-Family Residential. Developers for the project were seeking a change to C-1 on .44 acres

Entrance to the pharmacy would be gained by Third Street. Cars would exit on Kingston Avenue.

Several members of the Council raised concerns that continuous traffic using the drive thru could back up traffic of the people who live in two adjoining multi-plex apartments, since there was no proposed buffer zone in the plan.

Concerns were also raised about traffic and children who might live in the area as well as access by public safety vehicles in the event of an emergency at the apartment buildings.

“I know economic development is important to all areas of the city. However, in this case it was not the right fit for this neighborhood when you consider the traffic and safety concerns,” said Lanshima.

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