Tuesday April 23, 2024
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After Department Of Justice Review, Louisville Metro Separation Ordinance Does Not Conflict With Federal Immigration Law

The Jefferson County Attorney’s Office has informed members of the Louisville Metro Council that the Department of Justice has reviewed Louisville Metro’s newly enacted Separation Ordinance (LMCO 39(1)(F)) and found it to be in compliance with federal law (8 USC § 1373).

“At the time, this ordinance was discussed and passed, we were confident that we dealing with a public safety issue and there was never any intention to hinder federal enforcement of immigration laws. I am pleased that the DOJ is satisfied with what was passed and we can move forward,” says Metro Council President David James (D-6).

“The City of Louisville does not discriminate based on immigration status nor does our police enforce federal civil immigration law. LMPD’s job is to enforce criminal law, and Louisville is a place of welcome for all,” says Councilman Brandon Coan (D-8).

Louisville Metro was one of dozens of jurisdictions across the country that was targeted by the federal government.

The Ordinance was passed in October of 2017 and it set guidelines for how local police work with federal officials in the enforcement of immigration laws the ordinance also set guidelines for all metro employees and prohibits the questioning of someone’s immigration status.

The ordinance specifically states: “Nothing in this section prohibits Metro Government from sending to, or receiving from, any local, state or federal agency information regarding an individual’s citizenship or immigration status. Federal law does not allow any such prohibition.”

Link to Department of Justice Clearance letter:


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