Wednesday February 28, 2024
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President James And Council Members Kick Off New Exhbit For Louisville Artists

President David James and several Members of the Louisville Metro Council on Thursday, October 18th officially unveiled the new “Art in City Hall” Exhibit which features the work of Louisville Visual Artists.

“The purpose of this new exhibit is to have the public experience the wide range of artists and visual talent we have in Metro Louisville,” says President James. “Art in City Hall allows us to showcase beautiful works of those artists in an historic setting.”

“Art in City Hall” works in partnership with the Commission on Public Art to use the public lobby areas and hallways of all three floors in Historic City Hall as a display area to showcase these visual arts.

“The Commission on Public Art is pleased to work with the Metro Council on Art in City Hall,” said Sarah Lindgren, Public Art Administrator for Louisville Metro Government. “I would like to thank each of the artists featured in the exhibition for sharing their work in this important public space.”

Louisville has a strong history of arts and cultural expression. When City Hall was built in the 1870s artists and craftsmen created a detailed façade including a locomotive with billowing steam and animals to represent the city’s identity and economic strength. Now, 150 years later, we still look to artists to communicate the distinctive identity of our city with many creative voices.

This past summer, President James asked two members of the Louisville Metro Council, Council women Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4) and Councilwoman Angela Let (R-7), to be part of a committee to review works of visual artists for this new program.

Art in City Hall includes six Louisville artists showing a wide variety of techniques in painting and mixed-media collage. From the geometric precision of Gibbs Rounsavall’s work on the third floor, to the abstract, textured layers of Brennen Cabrera’s work on the first floor, viewers experience each artist’s unique expression of a place, an idea, or an arrangement of objects designed to challenge the artist’s hand and to provoke the viewer’s imagination.

Those artists in the exhibit are:

  • Herb Bradshaw
  • Brennen Cabrera
  • Lynn Dunbar
  • Claudia Hammer
  • Gibbs Rousavall
  • Frank Weisberg

“Art in City Hall is a yearlong exhibit. The Council is honored to be part of an effort that we hope it continue in the coming years as we join many areas where Louisville artists show their talent and remind us that the arts have a very important place in our society,” said President James.

To learn more about Metro Louisville’s Commission in Public Art and its mission, go to:

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