Wednesday April 14, 2021
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President James Praises Effort By SWMS Officers As 11th Vehicle Of 2019 Is Impounded

Photo: Louisville Metro Council

President David James is praising the enforcement effort of Solid Waste Management Services officers as the 11th vehicle of the year is impounded for illegal dumping in District 6.

“It is important that everyone know these officers are serious about catching any illegal dumping in our city,” said the President. “We, on the Metro Council, continue to send out the message that if you dump illegally anywhere in our districts or neighborhoods, you will be caught, and it will be costly.”

This latest impoundment occurred after SWMS Enforcement located and impounded this Ford F-150. It was witnessed on surveillance cameras being used to dump a mattress and construction debris in District 6 on September 21st  and September 28th.

According to SWMS, Enforcement Officers were able to track down the vehicle in the 3500 block of River Park Dr. The illegal dumper admitted that he was working on a property and was given money to dispose of the material properly but chose instead to dump it behind a vacant property.

As a result, the illegal dumper received a citation with a fine of $1000. There is also a fine of approximately $250 for impound and storage fees.

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