Monday December 11, 2023
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2016 Will Be Last Year for Popular Beatles Festival in Louisville

AROTRNext year, 2016, will be the final year for Abbey Road On The River in Louisville. Actions from The Galt House Hotel first compelled festival organizers to partner with the Marriott as the host hotel for 2016, but now organizers realize their hard work and efforts are being undermined by The Galt House, and that the hotel on Main Street thinks that somehow Abbey Road on The River is theirs.

“The festival does not belong to the Galt House,” says Gary Jacob, founder and organizer of Abbey Road on the River. “It’s ours, and so we will spend the next year either finding someone in Louisville who wants to buy Abbey Road On The River, or we will find a new city and a hotel up the 1-71 corridor where the hotel (to which we bring millions of dollars in travel business to) does not do things that are harmful to the festival just because they think they can.”

Organizers have informed all of their major partners – Wave 3 News, The Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau, and The Muhammad Ali Center – and while all wish it was different, they all understand why this decision is being made. Life is too short to be a neighbor with a business who covets your business so much they will stoop to any level to take it. 2016 will be a blowout…festival organizers promise to make it the best farewell party the city will ever imagine!

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