Thursday June 1, 2023
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Solid Waste Management Enforcement Impounds First Vehicle For Illegal Dumping in 2017

Metro Solid Waste Management Enforcement employees have acted and the first vehicle of 2017 caught in photographs illegal dumping has been impounded in the Portland Neighborhood.

Crews were able to locate this Ford Ranger pickup truck that was photographed on December 10th by one of the department’s surveillance cameras in the 3000 block of Bank Street.

“I applaud the employees of Solid Waste Management for their dedicated efforts to enforce the ordinance we passed on the Metro Council to impound any vehicle found illegally dumping on our streets and alleys,” says Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5), who represents the Portland area.

Solid Waste Enforcement tracked the vehicle down January 6 and had it impounded. The owner was fined $500 plus a $250 cleanup fee and an impound fee of about $250.

“The Metro Council continues to send a strong message that Solid Waste Management continues to enforce. To anyone who decides to illegally dump in Metro Louisville, you will be caught and it will be costly,” said Hamilton.

Some cameras were purchased with D5 Neighborhood Development Funds and are dedicated to sites in District 5. The cameras are moved periodically within the district so potential illegal dumpers should be aware that they too may be caught

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