Tuesday April 16, 2024
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Kentucky Symphony Orchestra Is Arts Council’s Featured Artist For November, December

Newport-based Kentucky Symphony Orchestra has been selected as the Kentucky Arts Council’s Featured Artist for November and December.

The ensemble, begun in 1992 as the Northern Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, is a member of the arts council’s Performing Artists Directory.

According to its artist statement, the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra believes live performance is key to keeping music vital, fresh and engaging for new generations. Using technology to enhance the educational and entertainment aspect of each performance remains an evolving component to KSO performances.

Throughout its 25 years, the symphony has gained national acclaim for its thematic programming. Programs include visual elements such as video, dancers, distinctive lighting and staging, and a wide range of musical genres.

To learn more about the orchestra, visit the arts council’s website. The featured artist’s page includes a story about the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra and contact information for the ensemble.

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