Wednesday June 7, 2023
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The Playwright’s Rules of Engagement

Read up on the tips Dominique Morisseau, playwright of Skeleton Crew has before you go see her show!

Madelyn Porter and Dexter McKinney in Skeleton Crew, 2017. Photo by Bill Brymer.

You are allowed to laugh audibly.

You are allowed to have audible moments of reaction and response.

My work requires a few “um hmms” and “uhn uhnns” should you need to use them. Just maybe in moderation. Only when you really need to vocalize.

This can be church for some of us, and testifying is allowed.

This is also live theatre and the actors need you to engage with them, not distract them or thwart their performance.

Please be an audience member that joins with others and allows a bit of breathing room. Exhale together. Laugh together. Say “amen” should you need to.

This is community. Let’s go.

—Dominique Morisseau, playwright, Skeleton Crew.

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