Thursday June 13, 2024
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Metro Councilman Engel Announces Essay Contest Winner

Louisville Metro Councilman Robin Engel (District 22) is pleased to announce Parker Abma is the winner of the Bates Elementary “Name Our Street” Essay Contest. Parker, now a 6th grader at Jefferson Co. Traditional Middle School, was awarded $500 to be invested for future education expenses in recognition of his impressive best street name: “Leaders Lane.” The contest and prize is sponsored by Barrister Commercial Group, LLC, which owns and is constructing the new retail development SouthPointe Commons, situated near the school.  Parker was recognized during a special assembly at Bates Elementary this afternoon.

Parker selected the name “Leaders Lane” because he wants the Bates Elementary Motto “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow” to also be reflected in the new street which is to be constructed as a connector road behind the school. Parker explains that students and parents will be inspired each time they see the name “Leaders Lane”. He hopes students are reminded of the importance of learning and excelling as leaders.

Open to all fourth and fifth grade students at Bates Elementary, the essay contest attracted approximately 160 participants.  The purpose of the contest was to challenge the students to think about and be involved with the infrastructure changes taking place right outside their school door and to gain a better understanding of how those changes impact their daily lives.

“Parker’s essay is very well-written and I congratulate him on a job well-done,” stated Councilman Robin Engel.  “I want to thank all the students who participated in the essay contest and encourage them to take pride in their school and remain actively involved in projects as they will become the community’s next generation of leaders.” – Councilman Robin Engel

The SouthPointe Commons Lifestyle Center will be one of the largest new shopping centers in southeastern Jefferson County. The center, which is located adjacent to Bates Elementary, is expected to have approximately 383,000 sq. feet of shopping and entertainment. SouthPointe Commons is expected to have its first stores open by November 2018.

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