Friday September 29, 2023
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LMPD Data Shows 34.4% Of Highlands Property Crimes Committed With Keys

A review of theft from automobiles, stolen vehicles and burglaries in the Highlands for the first quarter of 2018 shows that 34.4% of the crimes committed (55 of 160) were easy targets because the doors were left unlocked, keys were left inside or otherwise made available to thieves, according to Councilman Brandon Coan (D-8).

Councilman Coan strongly urges citizens to lock their vehicles and buildings and take their valuables out of their cars as part of a new campaign called #KeepLouisvilleLocked.

“The failure to lock your doors and take your valuables out of your car not only inflates the crime rate, it gives your neighborhood a reputation as an easy target which, in turn, attracts more crime,” Coan said.  “Please do your part and park smart.”

Coan is partnering with the Louisville Metro Police Fifth Division, Louisville Parks and Recreation and others to reduce crime of opportunity in District 8.  He tracks “unlocked” crimes in his bi-weekly newsletter and intends to report out the statistics to local media outlets and community stakeholders on a quarterly basis.

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For more information about #KeepLouisvilleLocked, contact Councilman Coan’s office at 574-1108.

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