Wednesday May 22, 2024
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Metro Council Goes “On The Road” To Hold Regular Meeting At The Academy @ Shawnee April 12

President David James (D-6) announces the Louisville Metro Council will hold its next regular meeting at the Academy@Shawnee this coming Thursday, April 12th.

The meeting is the first of what the President hopes will give the public a chance to see the Council in action and talk with members about issues.

“It is my hope that taking the Metro Council on the road will give us as policy makers another opportunity to meet with the public and hear what they have to say about issues,” says the President. “For many people, it can be difficult to attend a Council meeting and it is my hope they will take advantage of this road trip to come and talk with us.”

The Metro Council’s first meeting of the month of April will be held in the Auditorium of the Academy @ Shawnee beginning at 6:00pm. The Council will conduct its regular scheduled meeting at that time and then meet with the public afterwards.

“I am pleased to welcome the first Metro Council meeting offsite in many years to District 5 and the Shawnee Neighborhood. Council members will get a chance to see a great high school and I urge residents to come and join us to get a better understanding of your government in action,” says Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5), who chairs the Democratic Caucus.

“Citizen involvement in local government is vital to our success as a community. It’s important that every citizen knows their government and those who represent them are accessible. What better way to achieve this by bringing government into the very neighborhoods we serve,” says Councilwoman Angela Leet who chairs the Republican Caucus.

The Metro Council has held regular meetings outside of its regular chambers located at 601 West Jefferson Street. The Organizational meetings of 2003 when the Metro Council was seated were held at the Kentucky International Conventions Center pending the conversion of the Chambers following merger. Then in 2014, the Council held its organizational session for the year at Memorial Auditorium due to further ceiling renovations in the chamber.

This meeting will not be broadcast live and streamed over Metro TV due to technical challenges at the location. It will be recorded and rebroadcast on Metro TV at a time to be announced at a later date.

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