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Completion Of Urton Lane Bridge Celebrated

Representatives from State and Local offices joined together to celebrate the completion of the Urton Lane Bridge in southeastern Jefferson County. Phase I of the Urton Lane Project was first funded in July 2011 through an appropriation by Councilman Stuart Benson, seeks to develop more than 400 acres of land located in the southeastern portion of the Bluegrass Commercial Park. When all phases of the project are completed, the Urton Lane Extension will grant a new access route to Taylorsville Road and the Gene Snyder for persons seeking to transport goods or commute to work.

“The completion of the Urton Lane Corridor will take time, but when completed will lead to approximately 10,000 new jobs for the area and nearly two million square feet of office and industrial space.The jobs created as part of this project are expected to pay higher than average wages and demand well trained workers while releasing few if any emissions. The Urton Lane Corridor project is a great example of cooperative efforts by public and private partners that will be an economic boon for our community.” – Councilman Stuart Benson

The total cost for the completed portion of the Urton Lane Extension is $1.5 million. Additionally, the bridge was constructed with multi modal pedestrian traffic needs in mind. The north and south approach ramps will be constructed as the many acres of adjacent land are developed.

“The bridge project gets us closer to completion of the Urton Lane Corridor, which has been talked about for years. And it’s time to make it a reality. Connecting this bridge to Urton Lane and completing the Urton Lane Corridor will help us add up to 10,000 new jobs.” – Mayor Greg Fischer

In addition to funds pooled by the nine Republican members of the Louisville Metro Council, additional funding for the project was included in the FY17 Mayor’s Budget Proposal through use of System Development Charges. This funding source seeks to improve transit in some of the fastest growing parts of Louisville Metro and comes from fees paid each time a new home, apartment or townhome is constructed in southeastern Jefferson County.

“Transportation projects like the Urton Lane Bridge provide vital connections to keep Kentucky’s economy moving, I applaud the efforts of Councilman Benson, who worked tirelessly to make this project a reality. By placing economic development ahead of partisanship, we are confident that there will be further opportunities for new development and jobs in Jefferson County and throughout the Commonwealth.” – Governor Matt Bevin

About the Urton Lane Bridge Project:

  • Project funding starting in July 2011 with the final funding for the project added as part of the
    FY18 Budget.
  • Construction started in May 2017 and was completed in early April 2018.
  • Total Project Cost: 1.5 million.
  • When complete, the Urton Lane Extension is expected to help develop over 400 acres of land adjacent to the Bluegrass Commerce Park and help create more than 10,000 jobs with an expected average salary greater than the average for Louisville Metro.\
  • Constructing a bridge over an existing railroad corridor brought additional obstacles and levels of approval than most public projects.
  • Project was managed by Louisville Metro Public Works, Mindel Scott & Associates and included work with outside stakeholders from Hollenbach-Oakley, Norfolk Southern, American Contracting, LLC, Qk4 and Louisville Metro Council District 20.

For more information on this event or the Urton Lane Bridge Project, please contact Stephen Haag, Jr at 574-1204 or .

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