Tuesday April 23, 2024
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City Announces Policy For Dockless Vehicle Transportation

Louisville Metro Public Works has established a policy for regulating dockless vehicles in the city that focuses on safety and equitable access.

A dockless vehicle is defined as a bicycle, electric bicycle, or electric motor-assisted scooter, defined by Chapter 74 of the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances, which can be located and checked out without human assistance. The electric-motor assisted bikes and scooters can travel at no more than 15 miles per hour.

As part of the policy, a total of four dockless vehicle operators are permitted to operate in Louisville. Each operator will begin with a six-month probationary period, which can lead to a full-operating permit, renewed annually. During the probationary period, operators may begin with 150 vehicles and, if ridership exceeds four rides per vehicle per day, increase their fleet by 100 vehicles per month, up to 650.  Ultimately, operators will be permitted 1,050 vehicles if they successfully complete the probationary period and meet performance standards, such as responsiveness to complaints and ridership.

Dockless vehicles are permitted to operate in an operational zone, defined as within the Watterson Expressway, with extensions in the south to Palatka Road (to include Iroquois Park) and west to Shawnee Park. Dockless vehicles may not be operated at Waterfront Park, which currently offers its own bike rental service. Within the operational zone, the city has established nine distribution zones to ensure an equitable distribution of the service.

Other elements of the policy:

  • Each operator will provide the city with a map and list of all parking locations for their vehicles.
  • Dockless vehicles shall be relocated or removed by an operator within two hours’ notice that the vehicle is parked in an incorrect manner. Monthly data reports are required to ensure all rules are being observed.
  • Dockless vehicles are to be operated on streets and, where available, in bike lanes and bike paths. Vehicles should only be operated on sidewalks when leaving or accessing a parking location.

In addition to a license application fee, annual fee, bond and fee for a designation group parking area, operators will pay $1/day per vehicle. These funds will go directly to fund improvements to our city’s shared mobility infrastructure. Other fines and administrative penalties are included to ensure compliance.

To view the entire Public Works policy on dockless vehicles, which includes a map of the operational zone, please click here.

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