Sunday June 23, 2024
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Councilman Mulvihill Thanks Community For Helping SWMS Impound 10th Vehicle For Illegal Dumping

Photo: Louisville Metro Council

Councilman Pat Mulvihill (D-10) is sending praise to the community for giving an assist to Solid Waste Management Enforcement (“SWMS”) Officers as they tracked down and impounded the tenth vehicle of 2019 involved in illegal dumping.

“My thanks to everyone who helped SWMS find those who would try to turn our neighborhoods into their own personal dumping grounds,” said the Councilman. “My thanks also to SWMS officers who continue to make illegal dumping a priority. We, on the Metro Council, want to send a strong message if you illegally dump in our neighborhoods, it will be costly when we catch you.”

The Ford Ranger truck with by two individuals was caught on a residential security camera in the Schnitzelburg neighborhood. They were seen dumping a couch on the property.

Unfortunately, the license plate was not visible in the video. Still shots from the video were posted on the weekly District 10 Enewsletter, the Louisville Metro Public Works Facebook page and on Nextdoor asking the community to help identify the individuals.

SWMS Officers received an anonymous tip that led them to the owner of the truck in District 21. The owner stated that he planned to dispose of the couch for free at the Waste Reduction Center, but he didn’t realize it is closed on Mondays. Instead of waiting another day, he dumped it on someone else’s property.

The total cost of a citation for illegal dumping is approximately $750 plus the vehicle will be impounded and the owner will be required to pay all storage fees.

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