Wednesday May 29, 2024
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President James Calls Upon The Community To Support Police And Denounces Recent Violent Graffiti

Photo: Louisville Metro Council

President David James is calling on everyone in the community to support police all over Metro Louisville after a recent incident were violent graffiti was posted on I-64.

“There is a guaranteed freedom of speech in this country, but we have to draw the line when the speech advocates violence. This recent graffiti sends the wrong message at a time when all of our officers need support as they protect us,” said President James.

The offending graffiti recently appeared on the metal bridge over I-64 near the Cannons Lane exits. Recently, the words “Kill Cops” appeared on the bridge.

“As a community, we must take a stand. Violence is no answer to any problem. The dedicated men and women of every police department in our community roll out on the street every day to do their jobs and keep us safe,” said James. “We must give them our thanks and support.”

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