Friday July 12, 2024
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Design by Emily Keller; photo by Kory Johnson Photography.

A new bourbon tasting experience is coming to Louisville. Sour Mash Tours launched Saturday, May 27, in Nulu.

Each tour features samples of at least nine brands at local bars and restaurants, including Feast BBQ, Galaxie, Rye and Taj. The tours offer an expansive and interactive tasting experience, all while getting guests acquainted with a Louisville neighborhood known for its unique bourbon history.

“With all the excitement surrounding bourbon in Louisville, we realized there wasn’t anything out there that combined the bourbon tasting experience with some of our great bourbon bars,” said co-founder Andy Huenefeld.

Tastings are conducted with a lineup of spirits expertly curated to maximize the experience. For example, guests may taste rye-heavy bourbons at one bar and wheated bourbons at another. Bourbon beginners can use the tour to discover some favorite styles and brands while connoisseurs can further refine their palates by practicing picking out subtle differences and flavor profiles.

“Our goal with Sour Mash Tours is to show folks the best part of the distilleries — the bourbon — while exploring one of Louisville’s most vibrant neighborhoods,” said co-founder Dillon Miles, who used to give tours at Jim Beam Distillery.

The guides focus on the various steps in the distilling process and how they impact the taste of the product. Each tour attendee will receive a tasting booklet for notes and to mark their favorites.

Sour Mash Tours chose Nulu for its great selection of bourbon bars and walkability, but hopes to bring tours to other parts of Louisville in the future.

“There are so many great bourbons and bars in our city to explore,” said Danielle Huenefeld, co-founder and chief marketing officer.

Sour Mash Tours are offered each Saturday starting at 2pm in Nulu. The team also offers happy hours and private event tastings. To book an event, visit