Sunday April 21, 2024
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Doss Announces New Manufacturing Technology Program

jcpsDoss High School faculty and students joined local manufacturers and community leaders last Friday to announce the creation of the school’s new Manufacturing Engineering Technology program.  The program aims to expand the manufacturing workforce pipeline with students who understand emerging technologies, and exposes young people to the significant career opportunities available in advanced manufacturing.

Anchored by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council’s (MSSC) Certified Production Technician Training Program (CPT), students completing the program will earn certifications already identified by nearly 100 local industries as the skills and knowledge needed by front-line production technicians.

“Very few high school programs exist that are dedicated to preparing students with the variety of skills needed to directly enter manufacturing upon graduation, and even fewer high schools partner with local businesses to match learning with workforce needs,” said Doss Principal Marty Pollio. “This project offers training and advancement opportunities for student who want to work, learn and earn in a manufacturing field.”

Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow, a member institute of Manufacturing USA, along with local manufacturing companies GE Appliances, Republic Conduit and Louisville Ford Assembly Plant, as well as local United Auto Workers with Ford, have committed both financial and in-kind support to develop and implement the program.

“Doss High School and JCPS are showing great leadership by implementing this program which directly ties education and training with workforce needs,” said Chip Blankenship, GE Appliances president & CEO. “Programs like this are essential to providing manufacturing companies in Greater Louisville with the talent we need to run and grow our operations while providing good career opportunities for our citizens.”

The partnership with these organizations, as well as with KentuckianaWorks, will enable Doss to offer students who choose this program of study:

  • a four-course program of study in Manufacturing Engineering Technology Technician;
  • development of a hands-on laboratory equipped with trainers that align to the skills required for MSSC-Certified Production Technician certification;
  • experience and training that develop employability skills for personal success and safety, as well as manufacturing organizational skills;
  • opportunities to complete a work-based learning experience with a local manufacturer before completing the program of study; and
  • opportunities to earn industry-recognized certifications, including MSSC-Certified Production Technician Certification and the National Career Readiness Certificate.

Manufacturers in the United States are facing a steep skills gap.  According to a recent Deloitte study, as many as 2 million manufacturing jobs may go unfilled by 2025, a trend being experienced in the Greater Louisville area.

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