Thursday May 26, 2022
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Colorful Pavement Displays To Push “Idle Free Louisville” Message In Local Parks

A partnership between Kentuckiana Air Education (KAIRE) and Louisville Parks and Recreation has led to the creation of colorful advertisements stressing an anti-idling message that can be seen approximately a dozen parks throughout Louisville.

The message, “People Idle In Parks – Not Cars,” can be seen on pavement decals affixed to surfaces in high-traffic areas at some of Louisville busiest parks, including Joe Creason, Seneca, Thurman Hutchins and Sun Valley.

The advertisements have been placed in 16 parks with 14 more to follow in upcoming weeks.

“The advertisements are a reminder that parks are spaces where we promote the enjoyment of clean air and a healthy environment,” said Seve Ghose, Director of Parks and Recreation. “We’re encouraging our visitors to turn the engine off if they can, and possibly step outside of their car and go for a walk, and enjoy the surroundings.”

Unnecessary engine idling can create an air pollution “hot spot” in places like parking lots, school pick-up lines, and drive-thru windows. As Louisville’s overall air quality improves and vehicles become cleaner, idling is still a blind spot for many motorists.

“Modern cars don’t belch out black, smoky fumes anymore, but they still pollute the air,” said Air Pollution Control District Director Keith Talley Sr. “This is an easy way to reduce your personal pollution footprint.”

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