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Metro Council Public Safety Committee Yo Learn More About Jefferson County’s “C.A.M.P” Program On Wednesday

The Metro Council’s Public Safety Committee will learn more about Jefferson County’s “C.A.M.P” (Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Program) at its regular meeting on Wednesday, September 20th

“These kinds of programs are now a part of law enforcement and public safety in the 21st Century and I believe it is important that the Committee get a full understanding of how it operates and what the specific goals are to keep the community safe,” says Councilman David James (D-6).

Judge Stephanie Pearce Burke, Jefferson District Court, Jefferson County Drug/Specialty Courts, will be on hand to answer questions about the program as well as Matthew Mitchell, Director of Evidence Based Practices, SCRAM Systems, and Jen Rankin, Program Development Manager, SCRAM Systems.

Similar criteria-based programs across the country have resulted in the significant reduction of drunk driving and alcohol-related crashes. Research shows that the use of a continuous alcohol monitoring bracelet for a period of 90 days significantly reduces the probability of recidivism among high risk DUI offenders. Recidivism rates for repeat DUI offenders who wear the bracelet for at least 90 days are 50% less than those who do not utilize the technology.

“With the implementation of C.A.M.P., the Jefferson County courts are now utilizing technology in efforts to reduce recidivism in DUI offenders, with the goal of increasing public safety,” says Judge Burke.

Most repeat DUI offenders do not have the internal motivation to stay sober. C.A.M.P. will aid defendants by reinforcing sobriety. The certainty of detection is a powerful deterrent and motivator to stay sober when one does not have the internal motivation or tools to do so on their own. As a direct result, public safety is greatly improved and the offender is more likely to be successful in their recovery efforts.

The Public Safety Committee will meet at 3:30pm in the Council Chambers, Historic City Hall, 601 West Jefferson Street.

All Metro Council Committee meetings are carried live on Metro TV, Spectrum Cable Channel 184 and on UVERSE Channel 99.

You can watch the meetings online by going to the Metro Council home page at  and click the “Watch Meetings Online” button.

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