Friday July 12, 2024
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Council Members To Host Neighborhood Meeting Concerning Safety At William Harrison Park

Council members Mary C. Woolridge (D-3) and Marianne Butler (D-15) along with President David James (D-6) invite the residents to a special meeting concerning safety at William Harrison Park.

“On January 20th, there was a horrible accident at the park and three children were injured by a truck while playing there,” says Woolridge. “We are asking the community to come together and help us make sure this park is safe and this kind of thing never happens again.”

“Parents and children utilize parks to have fun and carefree days; worrying about someone driving into the park should not even enter their mind,” said Butler.  “We will work together to come up with a resolution.”

William Harrison Park is located at 3232 Oleanda Avenue and it is where the three Council District come together.

“It’s important that we meet to inform the community what safety improvements we are looking at in order to prevent another horrible tragedy,” says President James.

The three Council members will be meeting with the Terry – Berry Neighborhood Association at The South Louisville Community Center, 2911 Taylor Boulevard beginning at 7:00pm on Tuesday, February 6th.

Metro Public Works, Metro Parks, and LMPD have also been invited to attend this meeting. The main topic of discussion: options to make it safer for children playing in the park.

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