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Councilwoman Hamilton Invites The Community To Participate In A Conversation With Dr. George C. Wright About The History Race Relations In Louisville

Photo: Louisville Metro Council

Dr. George C. Wright is coming to Louisville to discuss his book on the history of race relations and black life in Kentucky as a guest of Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5) for a Black History month community event on Friday, February 23rd.

“This is a great opportunity to hear from a native Kentuckian who has chronicled the history of blacks in Kentucky covering progress and violence since 1865 forward,” said Hamilton. “It is an important meeting for those who want to understand black history in our commonwealth as we celebrate Black History Month.”

Dr. Wright is a native of Lexington, Kentucky and has served in many faculty and administrative positions at American universities since 1977.

He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in History from the University of Kentucky and his Doctorate in History from Duke University. He is a past President of Prairie View A&M University, the second oldest public institution of higher education in Texas. He is currently a full professor of history at Texas A&M University in College Station.

He is the author of “Life Behind a Veil: Blacks in Louisville, KY from 1865 to 1930”. Dr. Wright has also authored “A History of Blacks in Kentucky: In Pursuit of Equality, 1890—1980, Volume II” and “Racial Violence in Kentucky, 1865- 1940: Lynchings, Mob   Rule, and “Legal Lynchings”.

The community meeting is set for the Portland Memorial Baptist Church, 3802 West Market Street beginning at 1:00pm.

“In order to move forward, it is always important for everyone young and old, black or white, to understand our history in Louisville and Kentucky. Dr. Wright knows that history and is able to put it in perspective for the 21st Century. I encourage everyone to come out and share this experience,” says Hamilton.

For more information about this event, contact Councilwoman Hamilton’s office at 574-1105.

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