Friday July 12, 2024
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2017’s first CycLOUvia, the popular event showcasing alternative transportation, is returning to Three Points—Germantown, Schnitzelburg, and Shelby Park—on Saturday, May 13, Mayor Fischer announced last week.

The upcoming installment of CycLOUvia will move in a circular route through the Germantown, Schnitzelburg and Shelby Park neighborhoods, also known as Three Points, via Goss Avenue, Logan Street and Shelby Street.

“I am very happy to start another year of CycLOUvia,” Fischer said. “This unique event closes the streets to cars but opens them for fellowship and fun. I encourage young and old to ride and walk down our neighborhood streets and enjoy the small businesses that line them.”

Goss Avenue as well as Mary, Logan and Shelby Streets will be closed to vehicular traffic from 2-6 p.m. Many businesses along the corridor will be open and engaging participants, creating an atmosphere that is uniquely Louisville. More details on business involvement will follow closer to the event date.

This edition of CycLOUvia will take place during Better Blocks, a temporary intervention at Oak and Logan Streets that will create walkable destinations and stronger street design. Pop-up shops, vendors, public space, art, and programming are utilized to reinvigorate the neighborhood corridor.

“Center For Neighborhoods is excited to be partnering with Louisville Forward as Cyclouvia returns to Three Points,” Tom Stephens, Executive Director of Center for Neighborhoods, said. “Designed with Shelby Park residents, Better Block Shelby Park will activate Logan and Oak Streets with temporary streetscape improvements, public spaces, community entertainment, and activities – including CycLOUvia – to highlight the current and future possibilities for the residents and businesses in Shelby Park.”

CycLOUvia is designed to encourage more communities to close streets to cars and open them to people. This new route marks the tenth CycLOUvia event, with previous events held on Bardstown Road, West Broadway and Frankfort Avenue.

CycLOUvia is Louisville’s opportunity to experience transportation in a unique atmosphere, by walking, cycling, skateboarding, or dancing in the street. Streets account for a massive amount of public land in all cities. CycLOUvia repurposes these public spaces by temporarily replacing traditional vehicular traffic with pedestrian traffic.

During CycLOUvia, streets become paved parks where people of all ages, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds can come to improve their mental, physical, and emotional health.

Since 2012, CycLOUvia events have attracted tens of thousands of people to neighborhoods across the city. CycLOUvia is a part of the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement and promotes healthy lifestyles, alternative transportation, safety and economic development.

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