Tuesday April 16, 2024
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Council Members Work With LMPD Second Division To Help Make Gun Safety A Priority During The Holiday Season And Year Round

They are simple devices designed to keep firearms safe and protect children from tragedy at home. Five members of the Louisville Metro Council are making sure free gun locks and trigger blocks are available in homes where children may be tempted to play with a firearm.

Council members Jessica Green (D-1), Mary C. Woolridge (D-3), David Tandy (D-4) Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5) and David James (D-6) have appropriated more than $2000 to purchase an initial order of 300 gunlocks to be given to residents of LMPD’s Second Division.

“This is a simple way to avoid a tragedy. Many times children do not know the difference between a lethal gun and a toy. A gun lock will make sure a child does not get hurt, especially at Christmas time. We want to avoid any unintended tragedies in the home,” says Hamilton.

Second Division officers are working with the Board for Change, “Little Hands, Little Feet” program to make sure the free gun locks will be given to families who need to keep firearms safe.

First priority is given to residents in the Second Division neighborhoods of Park DuValle, Parkland, Hallmark, California, Chickasaw, Shawnee, Algonquin, Parkhill, Cane Run, and Victory Park.

“I’m happy to be working with “Little Hands, Little Feet” program to teach gun safety in our neighborhoods. This program can save lives,” says James.

Council members approved funding for 150 cable locks and 150 trigger blocks. Future give a ways are planned as a way to help the community stay safe.

“Many of us know the stories of how a tragedy happened when a child played with a gun. There is no reason why anyone who owns a gun and lives around children, should not be using a gun lock,” says Woolridge. “We have made it easier to keep your home safe.”

Over the summer, the “Little Hands, Little Feet” program walked with LMPD officers on Peace Walks in West Louisville to distribute free gun locks and let parents and adults know how gun locks can keep children safe in the home.

“Citywide, we have had three children under the age of five that have been shot accidentally by unsecured firearms this year. In the district, An 8 year old was accidentally shot because of a careless unsecured firearm. The individual that had the gun was 18 years old and mishandled it. Then, a 12 year old was accidentally shot and killed because of an unsecured firearm,” says Major Jimmy Harper, Commander of the LMPD Second Division.

“The more gun locks we can put into the homes of people who have guns, the safer it will be for everyone,” says Green.  “It’s tough to justify not having a gun lock, when they are free, especially if you have children.”

On Tuesday, December 13th, at 12:00pm, Council members and officers of the Second Division will present the “Little Hands, Little Feet” gun safety program with the gun locks for distribution. The presentation will be made at the Second Division, 3419 Bohne Avenue.

Luther Brown, Director and Founder of the Board for Change and “Little Hands. Little Feet”, makes gun safety presentations to organizations, churches and any interested group for free.

People interested in obtaining a free gun lock can contact Luther Brown at 502-290-7979 or llbrownjr16@gmail.com

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